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Call us: 208-901-8462
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The Maids® Healthy Touch®

Maid Service + House Cleaners in Boise.

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22-Step Healthy Touch Clean System

Maid Services by The Maids®Boise

Looking for a maid service experience for your home that is completely healthy and safe for you and your entire family? Well, you found it! With The Maids® Boise, you won't find a maid service in Boise that provides a better or more thorough clean using products and cleaners that are environmentally safe! But, it isn't just our products, it's our system. The 22 Step Healthy Touch® system uilized by our professional maid service teams in Boise is SO extensive, it ensures we get your home clean with maximum effectiveness!

What does that mean? It means that there isn't a room in your home that will go untouched and each room will be throoughly impacted by our team of 3-4 Maids. We don't just move dirt, we thoroughly REMOVE dirt and grime and allergens and we go on a seek and destroy mission for mold and mildew as well!


Here is why allergy sufferers prefer using The Maids Boise! We focus not on just cleaning, but making your home an allergy free environment! We know it is miserable to be constantly dealing with the frustrating effects of allergies. What if you didn't have to? Well, you don't! When you hire us, problem solved. 

That is why so many people love The Maids Boise!

So, stop fretting about time and call us! We free up so much time for our clients! You would be amazed at how much more productive you will be when your home is clean and tidy. A dirty or cluttered home is a massive distration to anyone trying to just live their life! You will find that when we come in and clean, you will feel better about your home, life and work.

Boise Eagle
Merdian Kuna

Call The Maids today! We can't wait to give you the healthy and happy home you deserve!

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