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As our homes have become better at protecting us from the weather, they have also become better at keeping unhealthy allergens and germs inside. Studies have shown that the air quality inside our homes continues to be cause for concern. 

The Maids® healthy cleaning services are a great way to provide your family with a healthy living environment. Our exclusive process ensures a healthy clean home because we offer:

22-Step Healthy
Touch Deep Cleaning

The Maids®’ trained team of housecleaning experts will clean virtually every surface in your home. We even clean areas that many cleaning services miss like under beds and on top of refrigerators. We don’t just move the dirt with tools like dusters that are known to spread dirt rather than capture it. We use environmentally safe cleaning products and tools to thoroughly remove the dirt!  The Maids® careful attention to detail and deep cleaning system result in a healthy clean home that is better for you and your family.


HEPA Filtration Vacuum

The Maids® not only attack surface dirt and debris that you can see; our exclusive HEPA vacuums provide the thorough cleaning that is required to improve indoor air quality and give you a healthy home. Our deep-cleaning vacuum filters are designed to remove up to 99% of all:

Home Cleaning Boise Allergens
Maids Cleaning Boise Dust and Dust Mites
House Keeping Boise Pet Dander
House Keeping Services Boise Pollen
Residential Cleaning Boise Bacteria
Residential Cleaning Services Boise Pollutants

You can breathe easier knowing you get a thorough, healthy cleaning from The Maids®.

Environmentally Preferable
Cleaning Products

We do not just give you a thoroughly clean home; we do it in a way that’s safe for you and for the environment. Our products kill germs and give you a healthy home without the harsh chemicals and toxins associated with some cleaners. Going green not only protects nature, it is better for the health of your family as well.

The Maids® healthy cleaning services offer you peace of mind. Call and see that we will not onlymake your home look better, but help you and your family feel better as well.


Locations Serving the following Areas
Boise Eagle
Merdian Kuna
Locations Serving the following Areas
Boise Eagle
Merdian Kuna